ILP – Completed!

I’ve finally finished my Independent Learning Project! Throughout the process I would say I have solidified what I already knew about myself – I am not the most disciplined. I always get my work done, it’s just not always done as early as I would like it to be. In the beginning it was really exciting and easy to motivate myself. Then, as the semester progressed and my course-load piled up, it started to seem like tedious work. The best part of this project is definitely the end product! I am so excited to have something to look back on my visit to Nebraska last summer. I’ve even already shared the link with my sister-in-law so she can look at my scrapbook and show it to my niece and nephew!


Looking at independent learning projects from a teacher perspective – I think they could be beneficial. Rather than telling kids what they’re going to create, they get to choose, which in my book is always a plus. If they are given time to work on it in class, it’ll be easier to stay focused than if they had to work on it at home. However, you’re always going to have those kids who don’t use their time wisely and fall behind. I think time management is a great skill to learn though!

Now that I’ve finished this scrapbook, I’m already thinking about what my next one will be!


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