Online Creation Tool – Canva

My first choice of graphic tools to use was the comic book app. I was pretty disappointed when I clicked on it and it said it was only available for iOS devices, since I don’t have one of those. So my second choice was Canva to make a poster. Then I saw that you can make photo collages, which is pretty much what I wanted to do with the poster anyways. Then, even better, they have a Pet Photo Collage template – exactly what I wanted! It gave a quick 23 second tutorial which I thought was great because I don’t like long tutorials. It was SUPER easy to use. I chose the photos I wanted to use, chose a template I liked, plugged my pictures in, changed the words, and wala! Done. I have an app on my phone that can make collages similar to this, but it’s hard to get everything sized and situated just right on such a small screen. I definitely prefer this one. I think Canva would be great to use in the classroom because it is so user friendly. Kids could use it instead of PowerPoint or Word to create a graphic. I think there are more options to customize your project and it’s much easier to do so.



I need to make some announcements soon. In the past I’ve used sites like Shutterfly to do them. I decided to see what the announcements on Canva were like. It was just as easy as the collage. I definitely think I’m going to use Canva from now on when I need to make graphics!


6 thoughts on “Online Creation Tool – Canva

  1. Brianna, I think your collage that you made is super cute! I also thought that Canva was pretty easy to use. I think that this would be super kid friendly to use to create mindmap’s or posters in the classroom. Overall I was surprised by how useful it could be.


  2. Brianna,
    I love that you love your furry family so much! My cat is my world, haha, so I can relate. I even wrote a book about her for one of my English classes! Our fur babies sure make an impact and I love that you chose to use them in this activity! I have made many collages and think they are great for showing what you love most. Great Job! 🙂


  3. Brianna,
    I enjoyed looking at the graphic you created. I agree that the short tutorial provided by Canva was nice. I find it easier to try to figure things out on my own when the other option is watching a long tutorial. I did not explore very much with Canva, but I think it would be cool to try to make announcements on it.


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