Daily Creates Week 2

The hardest part of this isn’t doing the creates, it’s remembering to do them! A couple times I was just about to go to bed and remembered I hadn’t done that day’s create. Luckily most of them are things you can do even if it is almost midnight 🙂

Day 8: Share a photography technique.
If you place your subject in front of light, you can create a pretty cool silhouette.



Day 9: Mix up a tourist slogan for one place with a picture of another place.
The slogan is from Lativa and the image is the Indie 500 track.

Collage 2018-04-03 17_02_33_2.jpg

Day 10: Cats or dogs? Who rules the internet? Are you a cat or a dog person? Tell us which animal is best, and why. Pictures are encouraged.

This is probably my favorite one. I’m obsessed with cats. I like dogs too, but I LOVE cats. I just feel like I can relate to them. I want to nap all day and someone to play with my hair and cuddle me. Here are a few of the cat related things I have shared on social media in the last week and some pictures of my cats 🙂


cute catskitty napmeow

Day 11: What was the number one UK single the day you were born? Share some music with us today.

Interesting… I’ve never head this before.


Day 12: Create an anti-resolution.
I know it’s not the beginning of the year anymore, but oh well.

My anti-resolution: Stop making excuses.

I’m kind of bad about this. Now that it’s an anti-resolution, I’ll see if it gets any better!


Day 13: Let’s say you’ve got an unlimited budget to have your personal toilet made for you. What does it look like?

Hmm.. Guess I’ve never really thought about this one before. Probably glitter. Way more glitter than this photo.



Day 14: Write a tongue twister.

Can Cam Cat count crickets creating chaos colored candy?

Does that even make sense?


Day 15: Make an image with mirrored objects. You could use real mirrors, or construct a mirror effect in an image editor.



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