Podcasts and Digital Stories in the Classroom

When I first saw that we were going to be learning about podcasts in classrooms, I wasn’t really all that excited. For me, podcasts are boring. I am not an audio learner. I need to see or do to really digest what is being taught. I was pleasantly surprised as I read through the articles. I was thinking, sure, students who learn best by hearing will like these, but from the article What Teens are Learning From ‘Serial’ and Other Podcasts, all of the students in these classes were engaged and really interested in the story. I was surprised to read that with podcasts, students can be exposed to material 2-3 grade levels higher and not experience any issues. I really loved the idea of using it for English as a second language learners. We used to use books on tape, which is similar to podcasts. I also liked the aspect of incorporating digital tools such as Google Maps. I would say those are definitely the top 3 pros of podcasts in the classroom for me. 12 podcasts that will tell you a fantastic story really got me interested in listening to podcasts. After reading about Serial, I decided it was the one I would listen to.

I think digital stories are great tools to use in the classroom. No matter where you live, there’s no way for students to experience everything you teach about first hand. Videos allows student a little bit of exposure to things that they aren’t otherwise familiar with. Living in Wyoming, digital stories helped me understand the ocean, tornadoes, and different cultures.

I look forward to learning more about how podcasts and digital stories can benefit students!



2 thoughts on “Podcasts and Digital Stories in the Classroom

  1. Brianna,
    Your post caught my attention because your view on Podcasts was different than mine. I actually like them and prefer them to reading visually. I am most definitely an audio listener. I also thought though, that kids these days probably wouldn’t be into them, but to my surprise as well, they really enjoyed it! I think once we give things a shot we realize that they aren’t so bad but I can see why they could be not as useful too. I agree too that digital storytelling could be very beneficial, because not all of us will experience the same things as others and this is a great way to learn about it. 🙂

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