So this past week I kind of slacked when it came to my independent learning project. I was out of town most of the week and didn’t take my scrapbooking stuff with me. Something really exciting did happen though – I went and bought supplies for the first time since starting! Up until this point, I already had everything that I’ve been using. Have you been to Walmart and checked out the scrapbook aisle lately!? Holy cow! So much to choose from.

walmart aisle.jpg

I really just needed some stickers to make my title page. However, I got distracted by all the paper options. I kind of wanted to get one of each, but I’m a poor college student so I just got one package. I picked out a set that has a bunch of different black or grey designs, since you can pretty much put any pictures on those colors.


When it came to making my cover page, it definitely was not my best work. I was really struggling, haha. I thought my letter spacing was good, until I got to the end and realized it was awful. Then, the number stickers I used were not wanting to peel up and I ended up tearing the 7 in half. So, this page might get redone before this project is complete.

Cover Page .jpg

I need to get busy since we only have a few weeks left to work on our Independent Learning Projects! I want to get it all finished before then.


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