Daily Create – My First 7!

Since I was out of town most of the week, I tried to do the daily creates that could be done online or with what I had with me. Also, I decided not to do the daily creates in any particular order or follow along with the ones they post each day. I just went through and picked random ones.

Day 1: Stack as many of something as you can before it topples.


I got 14 rolls of toilet paper stacked. The 15th one made it all fall down. My grandma thought it was pretty comical.


Day 2 – Create a Manga you.


I didn’t even know what Manga was, so I had to look it up. They are comics created in Japan. It was a little weird that you could only have black, grey, or yellow hair. I love cats so I gave myself a cat headband and a pet cat.


Day 3 –     As out of the blue, you wake up and find yourself the woman/man in full power of a country.

Your ministers gather around your bed.

What’s the first command you give to your government?

My first action would be to cut everyone in congress’ salaries. We as a country have a financial problem, and I think these people are a little overpaid. They do less than our military members and make way more.


Day 4 – Create a Wheel of Fortune Puzzle


I asked my boyfriend for a phrase. He’s really into golf, so this is what he told me.


Day 5 – The 1980s were so glamorous! Put something from this era into a 1980s style.


I didn’t really know something from this era to use, so I used one of my favorite quotes.


Day 6 – Mix sentences from 2 poems and make it a new poem.

Tree you are,
And there is another sunshine.



Day 7 – Use the Pictionary/Hard setting on Game Word Generator to generate a prompt. Then draw the word in less than one minute and share it!


This one was fun so I did it a few times. This is supposed to be a duck, a hand (I traced what could fit on the paper), and a sea turtle. Drawing definitely is not a talent of mine. I just realized that these were all from the easy setting, so I’ll have to try it again using the hard setting!


I’ve seen several photo and video prompts which I haven’t really had a chance to do, so I’m looking forward to them this for this week!


2 thoughts on “Daily Create – My First 7!

  1. The 80’s picture was so fun for me haha. I got some inspiration from my mom who was in highschool during the 80’s. She suggested using the phrase “Big Hair, Don’t Care” which I thought was so fitting for all of the big hairsprayed hair styles that all of the ladies had back then.

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