Digital Activism

I LOVE Digital Activism! I really think it is one of the best uses of the internet and social media. The 6 Activist Functions of Technology was interesting to read. It really gives an overall basic understanding of what digital activism is and how it works. It also gives several examples of the functions to give an even better understanding. Initially I just did a quick Google search on digital activism, and wasn’t impressed after reading this article that covers all of the bases.

The Teen Vogue article The New Face of Teen Activism was really enlightening. I felt that I could relate to it in a way since my grandparents raised me and just couldn’t understand why I was always on my phone or the computer. No, it wasn’t always for important reasons, but often times I was reading about important social issues. It’s really great that we now have an alternative way to make a difference. In many ways, it is even more powerful than the traditional activist approach as it can reach SO many more people.

My favorite post to read was My kids, a cause and our classroom blog. GENIUS idea. I know not every teacher would be capable of doing something like this, but when kids take any type of computer class, this should be one of the required assignments. I feel that we are getting to a point where younger kids think the internet is just for fun and social media. They need to know that they have the ability to make such a difference and they can do it with something they are already familiar with. Not only do they learn about activism, but they learn form one another as well. The students’ post on this blog have inspired me to do more to make a difference in my life!


6 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. Brianna, I really enjoyed your positive outlook on digital activism! I always thought that a negative connotation followed activism around in general, but your take was very positively focused. After looking into many of the teen nominees, I can now see how this type of activism can benefit many people, and communities. It is so inspiring to see so many young youths making a difference through digital activism! Nice input!

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  2. What an awesome article “My kids, my class our classroom blog” was. That truly is one of the best uses of digital activism in the classroom that I have seen so far. I think that this would be awesome to do and it would be quite a learning experience for the students. I think that there could be some conflict with it in the upper grades but would still be beneficial for them to learn how to handle others opinions.

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