So Far This Semester…

Going into the semester, I was a little confused about why I needed to take this class. I had heard that there was a lot of tweeting involved. I wasn’t too excited about it. The first few weeks I was still a little unsure. Then when we jumped into learning networks, it all started to fall into place for me. It’s not something you necessarily think about when you think of all of the tools you’ll need as a teacher – but it’s definitely an important one! Just from a few weeks of creating and fine tuning my personal learning network, I’ve learned A LOT! I have begun following people who I feel I can learn from now and in the future. I’m always going to Google to search ideas for certain projects, so now my first stop is my PLN. I have especially enjoyed learning from my classmates in this class. There are so many good ideas floating around Twitter now with our course hashtag! I love how easy it is to find them.

I have not started my daily create projects yet, but I think they are a super idea. I could definitely see how they could be incorporated into the classroom to encourage creativity and even independence. I think the hardest part about the daily creates will be the same thing that is hard for me with this class – being responsible and getting stuff done without a set schedule. This class has definitely taught me that I need to be more self-disciplined and on top of things.

Moving forward, I hope to continue to add helpful techniques and resources to my toolkit!


4 thoughts on “So Far This Semester…

  1. Brianna, I wasn’t as enthused as you were about the tweeting. Although, I didn’t really have any idea as to what digital literacy was going to entail at all. But, I have learned an awful lot in this half of the semester! I am finally beginning to obtain fluency in the digital tools that we have been experimenting with throughout!

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  2. Brianna,
    I also was a little confused about what all this class would entail and what its importance would be toward my degree, but so far I have learned a lot each week. We have gone over a lot of educational topics that would benefit many areas in the making of our future classrooms. As far as technology is concerned, I think it has been pretty helpful blogging and tweeting every week. In this new technology era, communicating through the use of the internet is going to be a more and more common thing for us from here on out. I am glad that this class pretty much threw us into it, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have pushed myself to be as involved on my own. I am pretty anti-social these days, unless I have to be and this has helped me to open up by sharing my ideas and responding to others and theirs. I have enjoyed sharing my progress in my personal projects as well. This class has been completely different from my other classes which has been great in helping me to expand my horizons in new directions. Its been great getting to learn about everyone while we are learning about ourselves as well! 🙂

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