Digital Footprint

Just a couple of weeks ago I Googled myself! I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular though, just curious what would pop up. Today, I’m digging deep to see what I can find.

The first thing that is actually related to me is a White Pages link. I think it’s a site that you have to pay for to get much info, but even without paying it gives quite a bit. It shares my age, the town I currently live in, the town I used to live in, and lists possible family members including my grandparents, my mom, and my aunt. It shows my grandma’s address as my current address and lists her home phone number. I don’t especially love that, but it is public information.

On the 3rd page of Google results there was a link to my Shutterstock account. I haven’t used it in a long time, and even when I did, all I did was upload some photos I took.
It also brings up the online fundraiser I organized for my nephew last August.

I went through 8 pages and didn’t find anything else about myself, so I decided to add Lovell, Wyoming to the search, since that’s where I’m from. This brought up a couple of newspaper articles about my activities in high school. It also brought up the Northwest College honor roll as well as the CSC Dean’s list – not upset about that. It showed my younger brother’s MySpace account. He looks about 12 in the picture – why did he even have a MySpace then!? From there, you can find my old MySpace account, but it’s private.

I tried searching my email address and couldn’t find anything.

When searching my name followed by Sheridan, WY (where I currently live) nothing comes up until you go to images. Then it shows my photo that is linked to my Twitter account for this class.

I was surprised to see that nothing I searched led to my Facebook profile. That’s the only social media site I use on a regular basis. I wondered if it was because of my privacy settings, but even then it should still show up, just not show what I post.

Later I’m going to Google my boyfriend and all of my friends and see if I can find anything more interesting about them! 😀


6 thoughts on “Digital Footprint

  1. Brianna,
    I also didn’t find any information that would be hurtful or embarrassing which is always a great feeling. It is great to know we don’t put too much of ourselves out there for the world to see. I also had newspaper articles from being is sports and such, but overall was a pretty good feeling knowing that I am also pretty private. Many people rent as lucky, I’m sure. I could only imagine how embarassing it would be to find bad information about yourself, knowing that anyone in the world would have the same access…pretty scary! The internet is a big world of its own, that is for sure!

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  2. After reading yours I thought it would be fun to goolge my husband. There is hardly anything! Just his facebook and what shows up in the white pages. He has a lot of the accounts I do, he must just do better with his privacy settings.

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