ILP Update

I am loving my independent learning project! Since we didn’t have a blog post due last week, I took some time to do some more research on template ideas. I have a bunch of scrapbooking supplies and found some things that are meant to create borders, but I’m not sure I love them. Here’s what I’ve accomplished in the last couple weeks.


We recently found out that the condition that Kyson has is now classified as cancer. Yesterday, his hospital visit revealed no new growths in his lungs, however, they think the cancer may have spread to his GI tract. As hard as the news is to hear, it makes me even more grateful that I chose to do this project. My next goal is to create a digital one so that I can have multiple copies made and then give them as gifts. I also want to make one of just Kyson to chronicle his journey in his first year of life. I really like having a hard copy one that I made entirely by hand, but it is very time consuming and at the end I only have one copy.


As soon as these pages were done, they became some of my favorites. I started experimenting with changing the size of the photos by cutting off the edges. I think it looks better than it would have had I left them all the same, and I could fit more pictures this way. It amazes me how happy this project has made me. I get to look back at pictures from some of my favorite days. Since I’ve started, I’ve sat down and looked through the pages I’ve created so far almost every night.


My relationship with my dad isn’t the greatest, so I debated for a while whether or not I should include photos of him. I decided I would because he is still my dad and he is my niece and nephews’ grandpa. They took most of the pictures of him… haha. I wasn’t originally planning on using the backing on the photos. I laid them out and I just didn’t like they way they looked on the blue paper. I decided to try it and I really like how it turned out. However, I may need to invest in a paper cutter. My cutting skills need some work.


I only have room for 4 more pages in my book before I have to add more plastic covers! I can’t believe I’ve already almost filled what the book came with. I am so glad we have this opportunity to choose a project and designate “homework” time to it every week. It is definitely my favorite school-related thing I do every week!


8 thoughts on “ILP Update

  1. Your ILP look great. I agree that it is a lot of hard work to make just one copy by hand but it will be worth it. My mom has made each one of my siblings a scrapbook and I love looking back at the memories! I’m sure that Kyson’s parents really appreciate what you’re doing.

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  2. Brianna,
    I think that you ILP is very beautiful. Seeing that you have such a special little person to focus on in your book, I know that it makes the project more worthwhile than feeling like work. I also enjoy to scrapbook. I think that capturing our most happiest of moments and recording them in a book, is what can help us to get through any bad that may come our way. I think that you ILP is coming out great and will be a very cherished item as the years pass! Never lose your passion for scrap booking! It definitely takes time and patience but is so worth it in the end! 🙂

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  3. Nice post Brianna. I think that it is really cool that you are finding a way to connect your ILP with your personal life! It is awesome that you are able to learn about something that you’re so passionate about! I enjoy reading your blog every week.

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