I Need Your Help!

In my last post, Scrapbooking Update, I said I might need some help next week narrowing down my photos. I decided I couldn’t wait and needed to figure it out today. I picked out 6 photos that I can do without. Then, I have a lot of photos that are pretty similar, so that’s where I need your help. I will post them and what I’m thinking below.

ksyon cute crop.jpg

Pretty much the same photo – except in one he has his tongue out. I don’t feel like I need both, just one or the other. Which do you like best?


Berk and Emerson .jpg

Again, these are almost identical. My nephew just looks a little different. He wouldn’t quit eating Oreos for me to take pictures! I think I’m leaning more towards the bottom photo.


These ones are similar to the ones above, but I wan to include a few. I didn’t realize the glare was so bad on them (not on the originals, just from taking a photo of them under my kitchen light). The one on the top left is the only one my nephew is smiling in, so I’ll use that one. Then I’m wanting one of the other 3.



And now the hard part. He is so cute in all of them! I might be able to cut some of these to make them smaller and fit more on the page.



Thanks for looking through these! If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments – I really appreciate your help!


I almost forgot these ones! I want to use the one on the left and then one of the other two.




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