This is the first week that the purpose of this class has really hit me. I feel like so far I’ve learned a lot of good stuff from this class, but this week’s topic really solidified the purpose of what we’re doing here. I love the idea of creating a learning network that I can potentially use for the rest of my career.

When I was doing some research, I came across this image and I feel like it covers pretty much every reason that these PLNs are awesome.


Any time I draw a blank on a lesson plan, I turn to the internet to look for helpful ideas. By creating a PLN, I won’t have to spend as much time searching, since I’ll already be following so many people who are great resources.

I’m especially interested in blogs written by current teachers. I love reading about their ideas and how they take the everyday tasks and make them fun and exciting.

So far I did a Google search for “Best blogs to follow about elementary education” and followed about 20 blogs. However, I was noticing that many of them have not had a new post since like March 2017. I think I’ll still follow them, because their old posts will be good to have as resources, but I might look to add some new blogs that are still being added to.

The article “How to Cultivate Your Personal Learning Network” used an interesting term that I’m not familiar with – tweetstream. I’m guessing this is sort of like what we’re doing with Feedly, only on Twitter rather than with blogs. Right now I feel that everyone I follow is giving great stuff, but once I follow 100 more, I might want to create some sort of tweetstream so I can look at the best stuff first.

Overall, I think PLNs will prove to be a useful tool. Not only can I use them to view what others are doing and their thoughts, but I can ask questions and share my own thoughts as well.



4 thoughts on “PLNs

  1. What an awesome infographic! Who knew that there were so many reasons why teachers should create and use personal learning networks. Now that I have started mine, I definitely can tell that it will be beneficial for me in the future.


  2. Your scrap book is coming together really nicely! Do you plan to create more then one, or even giving them out as gifts? This is a great form of artistic expression in a healthy manner! Good luck on your progress!


    1. I have thought about giving them as gifts, but I think I would have to create a new one. I definitely want to keep this one, but I do like the idea of making one to give to my niece and nephews.


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