Make Stress Your Friend?

When I was scrolling through the list of most popular TED Talks, I was looking for something I thought I would be able to relate to. The title How to Make Stress Your Friend caught my attention right away, and I knew I needed to watch this video. We just completed the 2nd week of classes. I keep telling myself that I am 1/8 of the way done with this semester. I just have to do what I have already done 7 more times and I will make it through. Yeah, easier to say than to actually do. I have never taken this many credits online, and to say that I’m stressed about it is an understatement. I chose this video hoping it would give me some insight on how to deal with the way I’m feeling about this semester.

Near the beginning of the TED Talk she says, “people who experienced a lot of stress in the previous year had a 43% increased risk of dying. But, that was only true for the people who also believed that stress is harmful for your health. People who had a lot of stress but did not view stress as harmful, were no more likely to die. In fact, they had the lowest risk of dying of anyone in the study.” From that, I think I need to stop worrying about how much I stress and just let it happen. She later says that you just need to embrace the physical changes your body is having in response to stress, and let yourself believe that they are your way of embracing the challenge. When your brain believes it, your body will too. I learned that it’s beneficial to reach out to others when you’re experiencing stress, because it releases more oxytocin, which in turn strengthens your heath.

I think it is important to know about this as a future teacher to help students deal with it as well. I know that even though I liked school, it was sometimes a stressful place for me. I always wanted to be the best at everything and I wasn’t very social. Even though everyone responds differently, if you know how to manage your own stress, you probably have a higher chance of being able to help someone else with theirs.


2 thoughts on “Make Stress Your Friend?

  1. Brianna, I think that you chose an awesome Ted Talk. I hate to say that this video about stress is so fitting for college students and also future teachers, but it is so fitting. I think that we all know that stress is and always will be a part of our lives and it is important to understand how to deal with it. I loved the point about reaching out to others when you are feeling overwhelmed by stress. Sometimes we tend to curl up in our own little bubble about sulk in our stress. We need to remember to be an outlet for students as well when they are battling stress.


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