Hacking Your Education

In the world of education, there are so many rules you have to follow and benchmarks you have to meet. It’s hard to believe that you could do things your own way and connect with more students by doing so. Logan LaPlante (at the time of his TED Talk) was just barely a teenager, yet had more figured out than most adults. He decided to take his education into his own hands (with help from a few other people of course) and make it work for him. I think this is hard in public schools because there are so many students that if each one had a different learning style, it would be impossible to make each and every lesson work exactly the way they learn best.
This quote from Bud Hunt stands out to me: “Learning happens when we hack things, too, because we must understand what our situation is, and how we can fiddle with it, in order to improve it.” I agree that not many people hear the word “hack” and have good thoughts. However, when put into context like this, it has potential to do great things.
I would be interested in hearing about a public school classroom that has implemented hacking. Along with that, I would be interested in reading the school’s philosophy and how hacking might fit into that philosophy.
By performing a quick Google search on “hacking education” I saw that there are a few books on the subject. Those are something that may have to go on my wishlist – because if something so simple can make such a difference, it is definitely worth a try.
I also came across this article, which talks about hacking education at the college level. This is something I could be doing right now. How well these hacks would work for someone like me, I’m not sure of yet. I definitely need to do a little more research to find out.

Photo CC-By Thomas Hawk


4 thoughts on “Hacking Your Education

  1. The article you linked about hacking college education was interesting. I’m excited to see the movement forward that education across the board will take in the future. There seems to be so many people invested in making positive changes right now.


  2. At first when I thought of hacking, I thought it was ALWAYS a bad thing. After reading the article and watching the TED Talk I realized that it can also be a good thing! I loved that you said you can connect with students better by doing things your own way. To me this is so crazy, but so awesome! I really enjoy reading your writing, keep it up!


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