Digital Literacy

What is digital literacy?? Digital means the online world and literacy means reading and writing, right?

I think Digital Literacy: An Evolving Definition by Liana Heitin does a great job explaining. “While the word “literacy” alone generally refers to reading and writing skills, when you tack on the word “digital” before it, the term encompasses much, much more.”  The article goes on to say that “everything from reading on a Kindle to gauging the validity of a website or creating and sharing YouTube videos.”

For more about digital literacy from this source, check it out here.
Digital literacy encompasses a wide range of skills, all of which are necessary to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

There’s a great TED Talk on the subject as well.

The 8 essential elements of digital literacies can be read here. It also gives a good review of what digital literacy is.

Growing up in a time when the world wide web has always been available, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on digital literacy. Then I see kindergartners who are technology geniuses, and can only imagine the possibilities that their future will hold.


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